Humans watch life happen from afar. We play video games, watch TV, sit on computers, and listen to the radio, all of which requires no physical interaction other than to interact with the object itself. We have created our own fantasy life, disassociated ourselves from nature, and live in one of two worlds: Mental living and physical living. Social classification comes from the way we live our lives, being mentally or physically. There are people who decide to live it mentally and are mostly into the arts. They generally like to live their own realities in their head, constantly thinking, questioning, analyzing, and searching for answers or deeper meanings. When so much of their life is lived within, the outside world seems to be a lesser priority. Mainstream social acceptance is meaningless, as their values differ vastly from the norm. The material world is too simple of a subject, and they need something with more depth – yet they also may appear oblivious to the world as they’re off in their own consciousness. Then there’s the complete opposite. Simple-minded people who value life materialistically. They’re generally into sports, cars, clothes, money and expensive lifestyles. They appear above the rest of the world because their appearance is what matters most.

Depression is caused by analysis, realization, and questioning life to the point of insanity, while trying to find answers. These people aren’t depressed in that aspect, but rather in the financial or social aspect of life. Being simple minded will result in nothing to worry about. They live on the outside of their minds. These are the two forms of living, and result in the classifications of social in general.

Thoughts are chemicals, we are our thoughts, our soul controls our thought process. Fate is in control of our soul.

The mind is an empty bank of memory, you can’t choose what is processed, only how you deal with it. Lots of people are depressed, and some people’s excuse is a “chemical imbalance.” They say depression is like a disease, it’s not controlled. Scientifically that is true, but who says science itself is true. The chemicals that flow through your brain can be scientifically measured and an imbalance can be pinpointed, supposedly causing change in mood, attitude, and behavior, leading to what we classify as depression. But, it’s mind over matter. The chemicals don’t control your mind; the mind controls the chemicals. You control your own perspective and outlook which in return controls your exact thought process. Your mood has a direct relationship with your thoughts, your mood has a direct relationship with your actions, your actions have a direct relationship with karma, which is in direct relation to your life. Pessimism will negatively affect the chemicals in your mind, and optimism will have a positive affect. Maybe what scientists measure as an “imbalance” is actually the chemicals in your mind reacting to your train of thought. If you’re happy, thinking positively, and are emotionally stable the chemicals will reflect that and you’ll come out with normal results if tested for an imbalance. Same goes for depression. Your body and chemistry will react to your mental awareness.

Now to contradict what I just said, but still stay on the abstract side of things, here’s another theory. If the mind is just a bunch of electrical impulses and chemical reactions like scientifically explained, then explain how every individual is unique at all? How are we in charge of our own thoughts if they’re just chemicals flowing through physical matter being processed by a brain. Human thought, reasoning, and behavior is something unexplained. What causes the electrical impulses to take place in the first place? To be triggered, formulate, process, and result in our own decisions, idea’s, unique thoughts, and complex reasoning. There is something in each of us controlling all of that which is greater than human comprehension. You could say the soul controls the impulses that can then be scientifically explained physically, but if nobody can solve the root of the problem that provokes the body to respond the way it does, then why do we just try to solve half of the problem? Doctors throw drugs in people to stabilize chemical imbalances in order for people to feel better, but if what causes these electrical impulses to malfunction in the first place is not stable itself then the problem is simply masked or will not go away at all. But lets try to answer all these questions on our own without putting faith in a soul. Lets take a simple minded perspective on the subject and say we’re all unique because nobody can be born with the exact same chemistry of the brain, like no single snowflake is the same, but if that’s the case then we are purely a product of our environment. If the characteristics, knowledge, and beliefs of our soul have no affect on the performance of our electrical impulses then that job is replaced by society. Society and our environment have full control, the government, our friends and family, all have full control and make us who we are, which is no longer up to us. That’s a scary thought. Wouldn’t you like to have faith in a soul to say you are truly who you want to be without feeling like a light bulb being flicked on and off restricted and molded by society?

If thoughts are just chemicals then we are whatever drugs we take. If we take any drugs that alter the mind the normal chemical processes are being replaced by the chemicals we ingest, our thoughts and mood and behavior is now a drug, it is not us at all. If you smoke you are now a derivative of the THC thought process. Your ARE the drug, your judgment, actions, attitude, personality, are all transformed into the affects of the drug. The electrical impulses are still there, but they trigger the drugs chemicals to be processed by the brain instead of your own natural chemicals. Basically we are the way we are because of our unique thought process and way of thinking/perception of the world. There must be something unexplainable controlling the impulses of the mind. We don’t understand what that is or why we are the way we are, and that’s why I think it’s easier to take a drug where you are sure how you will feel as your own mind is replaced by a synthetic and chemically altered personality. That is why drugs hinder the search for true enlightenment, and should not be taken no matter what.

We all live two different lives, the physical life and the mental life. They co-exist with each other, yet they are very different. There’s the mental life with thoughts, analysis, beliefs, complex reasoning, emotions, moods, personality, and an inner connection with your soul/spirituality. Then there’s the physical world of your 5 senses, taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing. They co-exist with each other because what you do in the physical world effects how you live in the mental world, it changes your mood, way of looking at things, and personality, which then affects everything else. Once your personality is changed because of the way you feel it affects what you do in the physical world, because what we do is a direct reflection of how we feel.

As humans we do things that please us both physically and mentally. If we live more on the mental side of life then it changes what we do physically as fun. Because that type of person is living more in the mental life then he/she will stick to activities such as reading, drawing, computers, music, and everything that challenges only the mind. If somebody lives more in the physical side they’ll tend to be more aggressive, more energetic, doing activities such as sports, which is more a physical challenge. And then you have the type of activities that challenge both sides of life at the same time, such as skateboarding or billiards, which takes knowledge and mental power as well as physical. The recreational mental part of life can be broken down further into the whole left brain right brain concept with complex reasoning/analysis, to creative/artistic. Someone who likes reasoning would be into math/computers, rather than creativity with music/art.

Either way mental and physical living both co-exist with each other, even though it‘s like living in two completely different worlds. What we do physically can effect us mentally, and vise versa. Retards for example live in a complete mental state; therefore their physical side is rendered useless for the most part. For them they live life by themselves in their own mind without the need of other humans to affect their emotions/thought process as it is already at a state beyond normal understanding. They don’t physically need anything to affect their mental side either so their recreation is minimal. For someone who lives the complete opposite they may be into only sports or athletic challenges, while their creativeness or mental life is very limited. Physical/mental life coexists because both of their needs are the same. In the mind we need reassurance, and always need a sense of finalization or completion with nothing ever left up in the air. Physically we have the same needs. Humans not only got into the habit of brushing our teeth, bathing, and cleaning up every night for hygiene, but also for a sense of reassurance along with the feeling of a fresh start as the new day approaches. It’s like finalizing the day, and we have the same needs mentally which are fulfilled by sleeping, apologies/forgiveness, making up, not wanting enemies, marriage. We like to feel happy both physically and mentally so we do things that mentally and physically please us, and sometimes we please one side just to satisfy and benefit the other. All of your characteristics are comprised into and effected by your physical and mental life which interact to form your personality.

We have stopped evolving physically as humans to adapt, now all that’s adapting is our minds. In the future we will live almost completely in a mental state. Even now you see it start to take place with video games and TV. People would rather play sports on a computer console than to play the actual sport. We are lazy. What’s one of the biggest advances in technology at this time? Computers/electronics/gaming. The games are improving so much that they’re almost too lifelike, therefore creating a virtual reality where you feel like you’re actually playing rather than controlling an animated character. And also the whole population is getting fatter and fatter because everything is turning virtual, there’s no need to move anymore. We are transforming from physical to mental living.

Here’s some examples for you:

There will be chips to let you control everything with your mind.
Schooling can be done at home on a computer, no need to go to school anymore.
TV has all the latest events playing live, no need to go see them, just turn on the tube.
We even have remote controlled everything so we don’t need to move.
You can communicate with everyone through the phone/computer. No need to meet them.
You can order EVERYTHING online, no need to go to the store.
There are cars, no need to walk.
All sports are going from physically playing them to virtual reality gaming.